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Skatopia - Rutland Ohio

Pads - No

$ - ???

Lights - No

Address - 34961 Hutton Road

Comments - Home to the Museum of Skateboard History and one of the craziest backyard parks you'll ever see. Big thanks to Bruce for letting me stop by and check this place out!!!

Directions - From Columbus follow the "33" southeast towards Athens. Stay on the "33" south about 20 miles past Athens and make a right on the "7". Go down a mile or two and make a right at the gas station and follow signs to Rutland. When you come into town stay to the right and follow New Lima Road out north of downtown. Just after you pass Smith Run Road make a left onto Loop road. Then your first left on McCumber Road and your second left onto Hutton Road. The entrance to Skatopia is at the end of the road or google map 34961 Hutton Rd Rutland Ohio 45775.

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