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Art Park - Tallahassee

Pads - No

$ - Free

Lights - No

Address - 810 Famu Way

Builder - Team Pain

Comments - This is the newest of two skateparks in Tallahassee. The snake run at the top of the park is the most unique feature with the quarter pipe snake head. The whole park has a slight downhill slant from top to bottom. I'm typically a fan of Team Pain parks but only a couple months after opening there's lots of cracks in the concrete already. I visited in December 2022 and was really surprised to see that after it just opened this past summer.

Directions - From the "10" freeway exit at Monroe Street and head south towards downtown. After passing the capital building and Gaines Street make a right on Fame Way. You will pass two different roundabouts and the park is up on the right next to the playground.

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