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Sarasota - Florida

Pads - Helmet if your under 18

$ - Free

Lights - Yes

Builder - Team Pain Skateparks

Address - Payne Park

Comments - Hours during the school year are 2:30pm - 9pm. Then the hours in the summer months are noon to 9pm and maybe 10pm on the weekends!!!

Directions - From downtown Tampa follow the "275" north to the "4" east. Then about 8 miles later take exit 9 for "I-75" south. After around 50 miles once you pass Bradenton take exit 210 onto "SR-780" west. Little less than 5 miles down make a left on Lime Avenue. Then about 700 feet later take a right on Ringling Blvd. A quarter mile later make a left on East Avenue. When the road ends make a left into the parking lot. The skatepark will be on your right inside Payne Park.

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