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San Jose - Lake Cunningham Park

Pads - No

$ - Was 5 bucks a day but probably more now

Lights - Yes

Builder - Not sure

Comments - Well it's no doubt this is the biggest skatepark in California. At 68,000 square feet there's so much here to skate that it's kinda overwhelming. The cement work here is some of the best I've ever seen before, with two different size over-vert pockets. There's a vert-wall quarter that pushes 30 feet in height, along with 4 different bowls to choice from. The street section here is above par and has a smaller bowl section for the younger sk8ers too!!!

Directions - From SF or San Jose follow Highway 101 south and exit Tully road. Go left then down 3 blocks to White road and make a left. The entrance is up on the left, then just follow the signs.

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