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Marginal Way - Seattle

Pads - No

$ - Free

Lights - No

Address - 1 S Hanford Street

Comments - These photo's are over 10 years old and it's possible the park has expanded and changed over the years. The area where the park sits now was an underutilized piece of public property. Primarily used as a transient campground and garbage dump. With help from the surrounding businesses and the Seattle Department of Transportation. The local skaters cleaned the area and began construction on the park in October of 2004. Always growing, this park is like other do it yourself (DIY) greats like Portland's Burnside and San Diego's Washington Street. Well worth checking out if your visiting the Seattle area!!!

Directions - From Downtown make your way down to the waterfront near the

Bainbridge Island Ferry building, pick up the Alaskan Way and head south. You will follow it down for a couple miles, then at the corner of Hanford Street the park sits under the overpass to your left.

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