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Kennesaw - Georgia

Pads - No

$ - Free

Lights - Yes till 10pm

Address - 3150 US-41

Comments - This park has a little of everything to choose from. There's a massive flow bowl and a proper clover bowl for those transition skater's out there. The street section is modeled after a Street League park with lots of ledges and rails. Probably one of the best parks in the Atlanta area!!!

Directions - From Atlanta follow "75" north for about 25 miles. Take exit #269 onto

Ernest W Barrett Pkwy and make a left. Then about a mile and a half down make a right on Cobb Pkwy or Know as US-41. Go down a mile or two and take a right on Jiles Rd. Make a left on Main Street or known as US-41 and the park is down on the right inside Swift Cantrell Park. When you pull into the parking lot stay to the left and the park is down on right hand side.

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