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Tampa - Carrollwood Park

Pads - No

$ - Free

Lights - Yes

Builder - Spohn Ranch

Address - Carrollwood Village Park

Comments - Like lots of spohn ranch parks things are cramped together. There's still some really nice rails and ledges here. The one corner has a nice mini ramp feel to it. Also the pump track has a broom finish to the concrete and is definitely slower then the rest of the park!!!

Directions - From downtown Tampa follow "275" north for about 8 miles. Then take exit 52 for Fletcher Avenue or "579" and make a left. About 3 miles later you will stay straight and continue on Village Drive. Just over a mile ahead you'll make a left on W Village Drive. A quarter mile down take left into Carrollwood Village Park. The skatepark is up on the left past the playgrounds.

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