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Surf Ranch - San Juan Del Sur

Pads - No

$ - Free

Lights - Yes, but typically the park is closed by 6pm.

Comments - Definitely one of the best skateparks in Nicaragua. Also a new bowl has been built since I was there last. The Surf Ranch Action Sports Resort also has a climbing wall, paintball and splash pad for the kids. Not to mention a pool with a swim up bar and slide, just steps away from the park. Plus multiple other activities to choose from like surfing or sailing. Free shuttles run every 3 hours or so from in front of the Bario Cafe in downtown!!!

Directions - When leaving out of town towards Rivas take the first road to the right. Then take that down for a couple miles and follow the signs for the Surf Ranch. It's also a short and cheap cab ride from anywhere in downtown SJDS.

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