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Huntington Woods - Michigan

Pads - No

$ - Free

Lights - No

Address - 13301 W 11 Mile Road

Comments - This park has a cool bowl with a small channel roll-in. The rail and ledges on the perimeter are decent, but its worth the trip if you get here before school gets out. It also has a HUGE fence and is locked up at certain hours. Might not be open very much or at all in the winter months and is on the edge of Royal Oak!!!

Directions - From Detroit follow the "75" north about ten miles and take exit 61, the "696" west towards Lansing. Then take exit 14 onto Ten Mile Road towards Coolidge Hwy. Make a right on Coolidge, followed by another right on Eleven Mile. The park is up on the right-hand side, with parking off Berkley Avenue.

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