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Lake Arenal - Costa Rica

Pads - No

$ - You could sneak in cause the park is before the hotel on the driveway in. But the cost is 1500 colones a day in 2009, which is between 2-3 dollars US.

Lights - Yes

Comments - This park is located at the Lake Arenal Hotel. On the northwest corner of Lake Arenal, north of the town Tilaran. The bowl section is laced with pool coping all the way around and a fire pit inside the tabletop. Bring a broom with you, for those looking for a real session!!!

Directions - From the "1" or known as the Pan American Highway, take the "142" towards Lake Arenal and the town of Tilaran. Once you pass Tilaran the hotel is about 10-15 miles up on the left. After you pull in the entrance and you drive up a little ways there will be a dirt road to the left which takes you to the skatepark. Otherwise the road will take you to the hotel.