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Winter Haven - Florida

Pads - No

$ - Free

Lights - No

Builder - Team Pain Skateparks

Address - Martin Luther King Junior Park

Comments - I really like the manual pad to bench combo here. Street section is fast and fun with lots of ledges and rails to choose from. The bowl at the front of the park has multiple extensions and a pump bump in the middle of the deep end!!!

Directions - From downtown Orlando follow the "4" west towards Tampa. Around 35 miles later take exit 48 onto CR-557 and keep right to head south. About 6-7 miles down make a right on the "17" or S Lake Shore Way. Then a little over a mile later take a left on Lake Alfred Road to stay on the "17". When you come into town after 3 miles or so make a left on Avenue I NW. You'll go about 500 yards and the skatepark is on your left inside MLK Junior Park.