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St. Helena - California

Pads - Posted, but rarely enforced

$ - Free

Lights - Getting them soon

Comments - This park has a great mix of tranny and street to choose from. A perfect bowl with proper pool coping and tile all the way around. The combination bowl section has an over-vert pocket and walls reaching 10 feet tall. The roller launch to bank here is simply amazing. Plus if you want the park to yourself, come anytime before school gets out!!!

Directions - From Sacramento follow "80" west towards San Francisco. After you pass the "680" exit the "12" or Jameson Canyon Road and follow it north towards Napa. Then turn right on the "29" and follow it north past Napa and Yountville. Once into St. Helena make a left on Grayson Avenue, go down past the High School and left on Crane Avenue. Right after the tennis courts, take a left into the long parking lot. The park is on the left inside Crane Park, next to the playground.