OnSite Skate Park Reviews

skate board

skate boarding

Indianapolis - Indiana

Pads - No 

$ - Free

Lights - Locals were claiming their on all night long.  

Comments - The design here is a complete duplicate of the parks in Midland and Traverse City Michigan. Also had some recent DIY upgrades and a phase 2 build is starting summer of 2020. Well worth the stop if your in the area!!!

Directions - From downtown Indy follow the "65" north and exit Kessler Blvd. After you exit, go right back over the highway. Take the 38th Street and "65" entrance ramp to the right. Stay to the right and take your first right on Cold Springs Road. Go down about a half a mile, then make a left towards the Veledrome. The sk8park is up on the right inside Major Taylor Velodrome Park.